Blowback by Amy Block Joy

“The University does not tolerate abuse of power!”

Blowback is a non-fiction, first-person memoir about the unintended consequences of failed workplace ethics. Blowback, a prequel to Whistleblower (Bay Tree Publishing, 2010) is based on real events that took place before the whistle was blown.

Faculty member, scientist, educator, and program director Amy Block Joy loved her job at the University of California, Davis. For two decades, she administered a popular and highly successful poverty program that provided millions of dollars in education and training to people who needed it most. Working diligently to enforce the federal, state, and university rules, she was frequently criticized by her colleagues and supervisors for not getting more and more money for them to spend. After the federal government requested an extensive audit of the program, her policy of keeping tight rein on millions of federal dollars was confirmed by the audit results. Not deterred by threats or intimidation by her esteemed colleagues and supervisors, Block Joy focused on making a difference in the lives of the program’s needy families.






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